Start building apps with Angular2, NodeJs, MongoDB, Gulp and TypeScript

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On I assembled an example application based on the Angular2 Tour of Heroes tutorial but extended with NodeJs and MongoDB. 

The example is an ideal starting place to build applications on a nice development stack made of :

  • Angular2 for the fronted application
  • Node.js: as backend web server.
  • LiteServer: This server should not be used for production but only during the development. LiteServer is specifically designed for serving static pages during the development.  It refresh the browser every time a file is saved.
  • Express: to serve the static pages in production.
  • MongoDB & Mongoose: Document database technology.  Mongoose is the client side library enabling to interact with MongoDB .
  • TypeScript: for providing the type safety.
  • Gulp: it’s used to automate all sort of development tasks like copying files or cleaning the typescript compile output.

To startup the application in development mode just type: “npm start”.

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