Why Continous Delivery is vital in the Enterprise

When reviewing the DevOps study of last years I noticed an interesting slide depicting the number of deployments per day per developer.  This go against my personal experience that when projects are late adding developers to a project can decrease the overall productivity of the team.  The general rule is that when growing software and development teams you decrease the individual productivity of each developer.  This is mainly due to communication and integration overheads.

The DevOps study of 2015 found that for the high performers, those who continuously integrate and deploy code to production this rule does not apply.  The study demonstrates that organizations that do not practice continuous delivery deploy with decreasing frequency but that those that have adopt these practices deploy significantly increasing frequency.

This demonstrates that practicing continuous delivery is especially important for large enterprises. By adopting these practices they can compensate for the overhead linked with large systems and actually increase the productivity of large development teams.

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